The best educators leave a mark on us as people.

Not just a mark on our grades.


Being good at something doesn’t mean you are good at teaching it.

We know from our experience, the educators who create the biggest impact are the ones who love what they do. A lot of tutors are hired on the basis of strong VCE results, but we are after more than that at Active Learning.

Subject expertise is the bare minimum criterion we look for in our tutors, as we seek those who have the personality, compassion and patience to connect with your child. We want people who are deeply passionate about education and learning, people who will inspire your child with their energy and spirit.


For each tutor, we guarantee:


Undertaking or has completed tertiary education

Holds a certified WwC check

Passionate about education

Between 18 and 26


So what does it take to be an Active Learning tutor?

Our tutors don’t just teach your child a subject; they shift mindsets, conquer obstacles and foster a love of learning. That means a rigorous process before they join our team.



Face to face interview


Reference Check


Trial Class



Minimum four-week training
and orientation


Consistant assessment
and evaluation


Meet the team!

Michael Duff  Tutor

Michael Duff

Homework Club

Michael graduate from Melbourne Grammar School in 2013 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne, with the aim of studying post-graduate Medicine. Since finishing school, Michael has done tutoring for a number of students. He has a passion for sharing knowledge and helping people, especially children, learn that even the most difficult of concepts can be simplified once they are broken down into their foundational components. His favourite subjects in school were in the Mathematics and Science fields but he also enjoys formal and creative writing.

Hamish Kelt Tutor

Hamish Kelt

Homework Club

Hamish graduated from Wanganui Collegiate School, New Zealand in 2013 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne University. Throughout school he tutored and provided support to a number of younger students as he was the academic head of his boarding house. Since moving to Australia he has tutored and mentored young indigenous students through the nationwide AIME program, heading this program for Ormond College in 2015. Hamish remains committed to ensuring all students have the greatest opportunity to excel and reach their potential.

Chloe Meyer Tutor

Asanka Aruna

Homework Club

Asanka graduated from The English College Dubai, U.A.E. in 2013 and is currently studying Business Management in RMIT University. Coming from a large family with many cousins who have kids themselves, Asanka has always found himself helping children with their work and enjoying whilst doing so. Prior to Active Learning, he has tutored math as well as coached soccer for children aged 11-16, learning a variety of teaching skills along the way.

Sam Steiner Tutor

Henry Gardiner


Henry graduated from Melbourne Grammar School in 2013, currently studies a Bachelor of Arts (History & French) at the University of Melbourne and has recently returned from a semester exchange in France. At school, Henry volunteered at the Atherton Gardens Homework Support Program in Fitzroy helping primary school students from refugee backgrounds. Since then, he has been tutoring Latin and Maths at a secondary school level. Henry enjoys playing cricket, watching foreign films and supports the Demons.

Matthew Lam Tutor

Michael Cai

Homework Club

Michael graduated from Brisbane State High School in 2015 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. He is currently working as a contract tutor, specializing in both literacy and numeracy, having also previously volunteered at the North Melbourne Homework Club. Michael finds working with children incredibly rewarding, and believes that Homework Club gives him an amazing opportunity to work with the next generation and help them transition into high school. Michael's hobbies include badminton, reading, music and singing A Cappella.

Amanda McDermott Tutor

Madeleine Duff

Boarders Support

Madeleine graduated in 2011 from Melbourne Girls Grammar school where she began as a boarder in Year 9. She is currently in her second year of Dentistry at Melbourne University after having completed a Bachelor of Biomedicine in 2014. Currently working in our Boarders Support program, Madeleine has a keen interest in the sciences and thoroughly enjoys tutoring students of all ages.


Bonnie Seymour Tutor

Bonnie Seymour

Homework Club

Bonnie is a fourth year University Student studying a Double Degree of Nanotechnology and Applied Chemistry at RMIT. Last year she studied Nanotechnology abroad at Lund University in Sweden. During her time in Europe she worked as an Au Pair for a family in Madrid, Spain. She also worked part time at the local school teaching English as a second language to primary school students. Bonnie occasionally tutors high school students in Science and Math. In her spare time, Bonnie practices Brazilian Jujitsu and Cheerleads for RMIT. 


Sarah Howse Tutor

Sarah Howse

Boarders Support & Homework Club

Sarah is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma in French at Melbourne University, having graduated from Geelong Grammar School in 2011. Growing up in an international boarding school, Sarah developed key strengths in mentoring those younger than her and assumed various leadership positions in Elisabeth Murdoch House. In 2013, leading a team of volunteer-teachers in South India, Sarah realised the value that tutoring programs could add for children by complementing their formal schooling.



Our Testimonials


"The tutors are nice and very supportive, I like how they are young and still at university. I enjoy it because its not completely serious, you can have a little bit of a chat to the tutors as well. I like it how they are in the middle of parents and teachers."

Charlotte - Student

“Mum told me that it would be good for me and she was right. I normally drift off a little bit with things and homework could take hours. Now I can work with confidence and organise my time better."

Milan - Student

"Homework Club has been a valuable program. It provides dedicated time to work through their homework activities with support and with their peers. It also provides me with the opportunity to stop in check in with my students and give them some one- on-one time."

Lisa - Teacher


Interested in joining the team?