Students score our programs a 4.5/5.

That's not bad for homework.


We know kids do more of what they like.

That’s why our programs are founded on an ‘enjoy first’ principle. The relationship that our tutors develop with your child is essential to our program's three key areas of focus:


Progress through each topic with confidence

We’re working with your child every week, which means that it’s hard for things to slip through the cracks. Our tutors take a proactive approach, identifying where your child needs help. As a problem arises, it is solved on the spot.


Learn lifelong study skills

These are skills which allow your child to thrive both in classrooms and in life beyond. They come more naturally to some than others, but like all skills, they can be learned. We will introduce them to your child; build; and nurture the essentials so they become truly independent, free to learn in all environments.


Understand the value in quality homework

"But, why?" A child’s favourite phrase. Sometimes it's hard for a child to understand why they need to do homework. And, harder still, why they need to do it well. One of our primary goals is to help answer this ‘why’ and the many others, to shift mindsets and encourage quality learning.

These things stay constant in each of our programs and beyond that, we tailor them to the needs of each unique school community. We account for different teaching and learning styles to become an extension of what your child does in the classroom.



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Homework Club

The habits we form in these early years set the scene for the learner we become. Homework Club ensures your child starts with their best foot forward, reducing the
burden on you.


• To ensure students are learning from the work they have set
• Highlight importance of routine and good bookwork
• To show students homework can be a rewarding experience

Offered at: Christ Church Grammar School
Days: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Times: 3.30pm-5pm
Price: $295 per term Years 3 - 6



Secondary Success

The transition to secondary school can be tough as your child has more subjects and more responsibility. A whole new set of skills is needed to manage this which are seldom taught. Secondary Success helps relieve the pressure on students and up skills them to ensure they are confident when they reach Year 9.


• Identify and fill gaps in foundational knowledge
• Assist with assignment planning and project management
• Develop structured organisational skills.

Offered at: South Yarra Library
Days: Monday
Times: 4.00pm-5.30pm
Price: $295 per term Years 7 & 8



Boarders' Support

It is hard for students to adjust to secondary schooling if they have come from overseas or a rural environment. It is even harder for boarding staff to provide the help these students need with their studies. Boarders Support eases the burden on staff, providing students with the consistent help they need to thrive.


• Help students understand their new schooling expectations
• Teach them the study skills needed to manage their workload
• Identify and fill gaps in foundational knowledge

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A fun alternative to some of the other programs out there, this is a basic introduction to this ancient language.


• Inspire a love of the language through games and history
• Teach basic grammar and vocabulary
• Show how it relates to the English language

Offered at: Christ Church Grammar School
Days: Monday
Times: 4.00pm-5.30pm
Price: $295 per term Years 1 - 6

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Our Testimonials


"Jack has really enjoyed his time at homework club and has quickly seen the benefits in both the quality and output of his homework. It is a great addition to our busy weekly schedule and reduces any angst in our family life regarding the reminder to do homework."

Sarah - Parent

"You get all your homework done, with good marks because you’ve had good assistance. I learn more from completing my homework here and also complete my work to a higher standard. I really like having younger tutors help me with my homework, they can relate to me more and they understand our work more than older people who can sometimes forget the content.”

Ella - Student

"Three degrees under my belt but I still don't know how to help my kids with simple Maths. The homework routine is really hard for parents. Homework Club has changed that."

Lucy - Parent