1. Some of my child’s work is incorrect, do the tutors check their work during the session?

Whilst we cannot guarantee that your child’s work will be perfect, our tutors make every effort to monitor each student’s work throughout the session. This involves closely examining the quality of the work done. In the case of an error, the tutor will alert your child to the mistake, and if they are unable to correct it themselves, the tutor will explain the concept.

2. How do I know when classes start for the term?

Class dates are listed on the Parent Portal, and are smartphone downloadable. You will be notified of any changes to classes (i.e. in the instance of a school event being held) prior to that particular session.

3. What role do the tutors have?

The role of the tutors is to facilitate the learning of your child and operate under a strict ‘assist, not do’ policy. During the session they will circulate the room, providing help when asked and checking in regularly with the students’ progress. The relaxed, yet controlled method of supervision is at the heart of the success of Homework Club.

4. Does Active Learning offer private tutoring services?

At this stage private tutoring is not an official service that we offer. Nonetheless, our network of bright, young tutors are always looking to nurture budding young minds. If you would like to enquire about private tutoring for your child, please head to the ‘contact us’ page and submit an enquiry.

5. Does Active Learning provide a snack for my child?

Due to strict allergy requirements that exist within many schools, we ask that students bring their own small snack from home to have before the session.

6. What will my child do if they have completed their homework?

We have access to a number of educational websites for your child to explore, along with the option to ask tutors for help on any topics they are unsure about, pending how many students are finished. We also recommend that each student bring a book that they are interested in to read as well.

7. My child has come home and not all of their work is complete, why is this?

We do our best to create a safe and comfortable work environment for your child, however as with incorrect answers, we cannot guarantee how much work is completed.

8. How do I update my personal information?

Anything personal, from your address to your child’s feedback can be found on your Parent Portal. The portal acts as a central point for all of your interactions with Active Learning.

9. My child was enrolled in a program this term, is their place guaranteed for the following term?

Not quite. You will, however have access to an ‘early bird’ window to re-enrol your child, which gives you priority to maintain the same session as the previous term. A banner will appear on your parent portal when the re-enrolment window opens.

10. There is a particular subject that my child finds difficult. Could you make sure that he/she receives extra attention in that area?

If you believe your child requires that little bit more help with a certain area, please specify this in your enrolment. Our tutors have access to information regarding any learning difficulties or problem areas that you provide details on, and as a result are able to assist accordingly.

11. The enrolment process won’t let me sign more than one child up at a time.

You can enrol more than one child by following the following steps:

•    Enrol one child

•    In your Parent Portal under ‘Manage child details’, add another child

•    Complete the enrolment process once more and select the newly added child

•    The discounted amount for enrolling two children will be automatically deducted from the second enrolment


12. How do I know how my child is behaving in each session?

Our tutors complete a feedback form each session, detailing work set, work completed, and comments regarding the student’s behavior. This feedback form is readily accessible from the Parent Portal and is a great way for you to stay in the loop in regard to how your child is progressing in Homework Club.

13. When and where do classes operate?

Exact details for classes can vary across schools. Please refer to the Programs page for more information.