An engaging learning experience, every week.

Weekly feedback to keep you in the loop.


Interested in private tutoring for your child?


Great students are engaged learners.

As a parent, you want your child to live an engaged life. You want there to be a positive relationship with their schoolwork. You want them to be excited about learning.

But when homework is involved, that isn’t always the case.


So, how does this happen?

Between Years 3 and 8, students are learning between 80 – 100 new topics every year.
Odds are, when homework is set, they’ll need help with a few of these.

Do you have the three factors
needed to help your child?

Have you ever had fights over homework? Miscommunications? Stress?


That's what happens when these factors aren't there.
The problem? The relationship with learning starts to become negative.


That's where we come in.

We work closely with you, your child and the school to ensure those three factors are guaranteed, meaning they have an engaging experience, every week. We will foster a love of learning and help your child meet their true potential.


Enjoyment comes first

When you like something, you're more motivated to do it. In all our programs and private tutoring solutions, our first objective is to establish a great relationship with your child and foster an atmosphere of enjoyment. Building on this, we help them:


Learn lifelong study skills

Progress through each topic with confidence

See the value in quality homework


Greater insight, more visibility

Ever been uncertain about how your child is going in school? It can be hard as a parent to stay up to date with their progress. Our weekly feedback report ensures you're fully informed, detailing everything we covered in a session. This is our way of closing the gap between the work your child completes and what you see.


Tutors you'll love

We're clear on what needs to happen to create an amazing experience for your child, meaning our unique approach takes a pretty special kind of person. Each tutor is hired primarily for personality and then trained and mentored to become a member of the team. We guarantee each tutor is:


Undertaking or has completed tertiary education

Holds a certified Working With Children check

Passionate about education

Between 18 and 26


Our Testimonials


"I have found it invaluable for Active Learning to oversee the homework rather than me. I think they gain a lot more out of their homework listening to you rather than ‘nagging mum’ who is always distracted getting dinner ready."

Gabrielle - Parent

"I love being a parent but I'm a terrible teacher. We both feel like crying at the end of my sessions. The whole house is happier now I've stepped out and she is taking direction from you guys."

Mary - Parent

"Homework Club is providing a valuable service for students and families by providing time, space and an opportunity to get homework done. Students are also able to seek 1:1 teaching on all things from maths skills to project advice. A wonderful initiative."

Tony - Teacher